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Ventrue Clan Symbol


[edit] Introduction

The Ventrue are the clan of Lords. Their mastery of the arts of Dominate allow them to infiltrate others minds and affect their actions. Also adept at Animalism and Resilience.

[edit] Chronicle History

The history of the Ventrue in the Camarilla chronicle is one of bitter rilvary and untrustworthiness, yet they strive to rise above it as their nobility demands.

[edit] Organizations and Societies

Various Organizations, Factions, Houses, and Guilds from around the globe.

The Most Noble House of Savage

House Drakkon

House of Euryale

House Farkas

House Ferris

House Khovros

House Mauvoisin

House of Medusa

House de' Medici

House Savatius

House of Stheno

House Sybariticus

Australian Board of Directors

House La Cross

House Derzhava

House Vereenigde van der Winst

The Collins Brothers

[edit] Bloodlines

[edit] Lineages

[edit] Who's Who

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